Orange, Clove and Cedarleaf

Orange, Clove and Cedarleaf

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A stunning Spicy and fresh scent with cinnamon, clove lifted with fir needle, peach and strawberry, with hints of patchouli and hyacinth.


Presented in a amber jar with a screw on lid (approx 25 hour burn time). Our Christmas candles come with a wooden wick, which when burnt produce a crackling sound reminicent of a wood burning fireplace. A cosy addition to your home for Christmas.


Top Notes: Fir Needle, Orange Peel

Middle Notes: Strawberry, Hyacinth

Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla

  • Candle Care

    Upon lighting for the first time, make sure to burn long enough for the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the container. This can take 30 minutes- 3 hour. If this step in not followed correctly, then your candle will 'tunnel' and not burn efficiently. In-between burns, make sure to trim your burnt wick by pinching it with your fingertips. Please see our candle care section for more information on caring for your soy candle. 

  • Delivery

    Please allow a standard delivery time of 3-5 business days.

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